Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2012 (by Living Leadership)

An opportunity for your church, or for a church leader in your city?
Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2012

Conference 1
(Terry Virgo): 

6-8th February 2012
Conference 2
(Peter Maiden, Operation Mobilisation):
8-10th February 2012

With its deep emphasis on experiencing God's grace, the annual Pastoral Refreshment Conference is regularly described as an essential oasis where church leaders and their spouses can receive from the Lord for the the refreshment of life and ministry. The Pastoral Refreshment Conference is expanding! Last year we ran out of places. However rather than create a larger conference, to keep the sense of intimacy and community that is appreciated by so many, in 2012 we will run two conferences back to back.

This year's theme is the glory of God. How does adoring, gazing on and reflecting his glory fan into flame our spiritual walks? You can expect inspiring preaching and great, practical seminars for your spiritual walk and spiritual leadership. There will be plenty of space for spending time with God and opportunites to form close bonds of friendship with others in leadership.

The conference is mainly intended for full time Christian leaders and spouses. However, if you carry significant leadership responsibility in your church, for example as an elder or church warden, you are also very welcome.

More via Living Leadership director Marcus Honeysett

Monday, May 9, 2011

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