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Blog Update

Newfrontiers Bloggers has been ticking over for some time now and remains a popular site but it's also been a while since it was updated. So we've done some weeding and some pruning and general maintenance. Here are some of the changes: Removed inactive blogs. If a blog hasn't been updated in over a year we've removed it. If your blog was removed and you start blogging again, just let us know and we'll re-instate you. Updated links. Now Newfrontiers is a family of families of churches, we've added some links to make it easy for visitors to connect to the different groups. We've refreshed the theme . For an aggregator blog, we don't need lots of great design but we thought we'd change the picture and move some pieces around, to make it easier to find. There are a few things that would help us, to bring the site back up to date: If your blog has moved address, moved feed or platform we may have missed that. Drop us a line and we'll update

Calling all people on FP Impact.

Hey, are you serving a church for a year on a FP impact team? Are you keeping a blog and sharing your news with interested parties? If so, let us know at Newfrontiers bloggers, and we'll highlight your news and tell the world what you're up to. Comment on this message with your blog URL and we'll add you :)

Welcome Zambia

It's been a while since we welcomed a new nation to Newfrontiers bloggers. So welcome to Project Tehila  our first blog from Zambia! Check it out and broaden your horizons and say hello to the Fairs-Billams. If you know of any other Newfrontiers bloggers in other nations then do send them in.

The Good God

“At the heart of the universe is the passionate love between the members of the Trinity. Mike Reeves not only helps us grapple with a difficult doctrine but draws us to the magnetically attractive centre of all things. His light touch and theological wisdom combine to provide a truly helpful book which both clears your mind and warms your heart.” Terry Virgo Don't miss Mike Reeves' pop-level book on the most important question you can ask: who is God. Discover that you never have speak of the eggishness or leafiness or wateriness of God again. Be drawn out into the bright sunshine of the gospel to see God more beautifully than ever before... Read an extract at @nftheology Follow @enjoyingtrinity and buy the book in March.